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The sound of the unhappy and the broken

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Demo - Album Submission Policy

If you are interested in being part of the Tragedy Productions/End My Life Records please consider the following points:

- We receive a lot of album submissions daily, we try to reply to most, but cannot give specific feedback to everyone.

- We focus on Depressive Black Metal, DSBM, and Funeral Doom. We do not do death metal, melo-doom, thrash, heavy metal, or other genres.

- We are interested in tragic, depressive music. We are not supporting any specific religion, it is just not an interest topic to us.

- Send your album to before releasing it on digital. We are not interested in re-releasing music. 

- Vinyl records are an expensive investment, we work on those with bands that already have a name or that we have some sort of working history.

- We want to promote quality music, well-produced and with a message. If you are just looking for someone to print merch, we suggest you go the DIY path.

- If you feel you have something tragic enough, by all means get in touch.

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